By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — To buy or not to buy? If you plan on doing some spring shopping, you want be sure to get the best deals. And our 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan always knows where to find them.

Here are three of the best things to buy in March and three things you may want to put off purchasing.

After examined March pricing trends, they say now’s the time to consider buying a Playstation 3.

“Sony announced the Playstation 4 just last week, and even though they haven’t given concrete details about when it will be released and what it will cost, the fact that it’s been announced means a lot of retailers are going to start looking to get rid of old stock,” said Lindsay Sakraida with

Dealnews expects prices on the 160 gig model may fall as low as $144.

In March, Valentine’s themed chocolates tend to go on sale too.

“So right now, Godiva takes up to 50 percent off Valentine’s Day-themed chocolates, and they’re still just as good. So it’s a really good opportunity to get some gourmet quality items for cheap,” said Sakraida.

In the market for a cell phone?

“Right now there’s a conference going on releasing a lot of new models, which means last year’s models are going to be very cheap. You’ll probably get them for free with a new contract, or for free even with an additional gift card,” said Sakraida.

Among things to wait on buying is lingerie.

“It’s really better to stock up over the summer. That’s when Victoria Secret offers its semi-annual sale, as do a lot of other retailers offer some of their best sales of the entire year,” said Sakraida.

Hold off on spring apparel, too.

“Typically, the rule of thumb is to wait to three months after it makes its way into stores before you start seeing some significant cuts,” said Sakraida.

Finally, Dealnews says you may want to hold off on buying apps for your Kindle. In May, Amazon is launching a “coins program,” a sort of digital currency. To promote it, they’re expected to give away millions of dollars of coins that can be used to buy apps. In the end, you may be able to get some of those Kindle apps for free.

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