By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Listen, you can be overwhelmed by the sights at The Flower Show; but close your eyes and concentrate and you can learn a lot just with your ears.

Each exhibitor is a wealth of information; there are gardening lectures and workshops all week long; plus there’s the booth where smart people help you puzzle out your plant problems.

But beyond official expertise, the person standing next to you often knows an awful lot. There are loads of great gardeners in the Flower Show crowd, and lots of them love to talk about what they’ve learned through the years.

You don’t even need to ask a question; just stand near a plant that you find interesting for a little while. When you hear advice spontaneously spilling out of gardeners as they go by, saying to their friends, (or to you, or to no one in particular) ‘I’ve been growing a beautiful one of these for 20 years and you know what I do…?’

Just listen.

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