By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Winter days when you’re stuck inside are a good time to sort seeds you saved last year.

Much better gardeners than me have very special methods for drying and caring for seeds; but when flowers I love go to seed in the summer and fall, I just cut some stems and stick them in a vase with no water. Everything from fluffy, feathery-looking Asters gone to seed, to little seedheads of cilantro, to the large pea-like pods of Baptisia make an attractive-enough arrangement to display as they dry out over winter.

By now, the seeds are good and dry, so it’s easy to portion them into envelopes. Write the name of the plant on each to remember which is which – and maybe add a picture of it in bloom.

Saving seeds from plants you grew makes it easy to share plants you love. Tuck a packet or two into a birthday card; or send some seeds to friends on the first day of spring, along with tips on how to help them grow in their gardens.

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