By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There are many Valentine’s Day dining trends expected this year, according to a survey conducted by online restaurant reservation provider Open Table.

Many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on another day.

“When you do go out on Valentine’s night it tends to be like a New Year’s Eve kind of.” one woman said. “There’s a lot of expectations but because the restaurants are crowded the service could be a little bit less than expected.”

While 51 percent of respondents said they planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day Thursday night, 36 percent said they’d be celebrating the holiday on Friday or Saturday:

“I’m gonna celebrate into the weekend because me husband works through the week and he works at night. We’re gonna go to dinner, and I can’t tell you what we’re gonna do afterwards!”

Some people might feel pressure to deliver a memorable experience for his or her special someone.

“Not for females! For males there is!”

“The people that are married, it’s good for them but the people who are not married, most of the ladies are looking for rings — and guys aren’t ready to do that yet!”

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