By Dr. Brian McDonough

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Alzheimer’s disease is debilitating because it impacts not only the person faced with dementia but the loved ones who are caring for that person. In fact, the book that chronicles the plight of Alzheimer’s patients called The Thirty-Six Hour Day has that name because caregivers often feel the day won’t end.

A new study suggests the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is projected to continue to increase up from 4.7 million in 2010.

Researchers examined records of nearly 11,000 patients age 65 and older between 1993-2011. These patients were examined every three years to assess for dementia. Using this data, combined with death rates and population trends from the US Census Bureau, researchers were able to make their projections.

The thought is that by the year 2050 there could be as many as 15 million with Alzheimer’s.

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