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Gutters are a necessary part of every home but they don’t necessarily have to be ugly! Check out these amazing seamless and half-round gutter options that can be installed on your home this spring. Below is an easy list of gutter options from simple and efficient to elegant and extreme.

Basic Seamless Gutter Options

5k and 6k Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are the way to go because you eliminate the potential leaks and weak spots that can occur in the middle of a long run of gutters. Seamless gutters are usual produced by Gutter Companies that have the right machinery to fabricate your gutters on site.

The term 5k and 6k gutters refer to the style of gutter, a k-gutter, which is the traditional look of everyday gutters. The 5k gutter however is a 5 inch gutter along the top and the 6k gutter is 6 inches along the top. Both gutters are great for residential homes but we would recommend using a 6k gutter if you have a very large roof surface and water overflow is an issue.

Rain Pro Seamless Gutters

rain pro gutters philadelphia

Rain Pro Seamless Gutters offer the look of a residential 5k gutter with that water capacity of a bulkier 6k gutter! This is accomplished by a sleek dimensional design that features a wider base of the gutter with larger 3″ x 4″ downspouts versus typical 2″ x 3″ downspouts. In addition to dispersing water at a high rate, these gutters are made of 18.5% thicker aluminum than traditional gutters and come in a variety of colors all with a lifetime scratch resistant warranty!

Advanced Architectural Gutter Systems

Copper Gutters

copper gutters bucks county

Copper gutters are not only beautiful but they can be functional too with the ability to made into 5k and 6k gutters as well as half-round gutters for a more historical look.  The true beauty of copper is that they last a lifetime and age with your home, going from a bright shiny finish to a wonderful patina’d green over time.

Rheinzinc Gutters

rheinzink gutters new jersey

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to copper gutters, these are not the gutters for you. Priced similarly to copper this 99% Zinc and 1% Titanium Coated Gutters are imported from Germany and are made with old world, classic European design in mind. This ultra durable material will last hundreds of years and will not patina. Rheinzinc is a simple yet sophisticated way to make your home unique. Rheinzinc is available as a metal roof option as well.

Yankee Gutters

No Philly fans, not the Yankees you’re thinking of. Yankee gutters are also referred to as pool gutters and built-in gutters and are often times featured on historic homes or low sloping flat roofs. The problem with gutters that are built into the roof itself are that they clog easier and leaks can cause more damage than if your gutter was just dripping. There is no easy but yankee gutter companies like Global Home Improvement can replace your yankee gutter using epdm commercialized rubber, copper or the most common practice of stainless steel.

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