By Chris Stigall

5:44am: Chris recaps President Obama’s Inauguration specifically his speech. What key things stuck out?

6:41am: CBS Evening news last night interviewed a principal from South Philadelphia. He is looking forward to tighter gun control since the city sees statistically one murdur a day. Cabela’s pulls out of participating in one of Pennsylvania’s largest sports shows due to the removal of assault weapons from the show. Eagles defensive end Trent Cole is also criticising the sports show for the same reason.

7:13am: Christian conservative T.V. host Pat Robertson made a statement that wives who loose their looks are to blame for failed or dying marriages. Chris takes calls from listeners about their opinion on looks and marriage.

7:42am: Obama’s Inaugural speech was 19 minutes long. Chris plays a clip from the speech and talks about certain points made by Obama.

8:10am: Congressman John Runyan joins the show. Chris and the congressman discuss the aid package that is being voted on for Sandy relief efforts.

8:40am: Chris welcomes Joel Hodgson to the show. Joel is hosting a film screening celebrating Mystery Science Theater 3000. Geekadelphia presents Sunday in the Dark with Joel at the Trocadero on January 27th.

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