Stigall Show Log 1.21.13

5:45am: Today is Inauguration Day for President Obama. The Associated Press came out with an article abut how Obama does not have control over the weather.

5:55am: Letter found in Delaware with John Hancock’s signiture. In the letter it is signed, “Your most Obedient Servant.” You wouldn’t hear that from modern politicians.

6:12am: The senate is supposed to be coming up with a new budget. The republicans agreed to raise the debt ceiling again until May with the condition that the senate must pass a budget.

6:43am: Obama’s Inaugural playlist has been released.  Chris takes calls from listeners about what songs they think should be on the playlist.

7:10am: Monday Morning Matchup with Michael Bronstein and Jeff Roe.

7:46am: Charles Krauthammer writes about  a new strategy for the GOP. Chris takes calls from listeners about what the republicans should do especially when it comes to the debt ceiling and budgets.

8:10am: Independants who used to vote republican who now vote democrat always have republicans who annoy them. Who are the democrats who rub independants the wrong way?

8:41am: Chris talks to CBS 3’s Chris May who is in Washington DC for the Inauguration.

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