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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – No matter how short it may have been, the Gus Bradley era can only be remembered as one of the best and notable in Eagles history.

He flew in on a private jet, awaiting thousands of fans, screaming a catch phrase that he wasn’t even aware was such, “do your job!” He was the one who would save the franchise. A Philly type of guy, whose intensity mirrored that of the team’s fans, and was never more evident than it was in the :15 seconds that now may live as the most famous in Eagles history. We all saw it on Youtube. Sure, it happened with the Seattle Seahawks, but it was Philly through and through.

Now fans may likely be stuck with the leftovers. Ken Whisenhunt is the name being bantered about. We’ll be stuck with a coach who helped develop Ben Roethlisberger, and won a Super Bowl with the Steelers. We will be forced to cheer for a head coach that took another team to a Super Bowl as head coach, in the Arizona Cardinals. Left with what everyone else has passed on, in a coach who has NFL experience and succeeded at every level. Sure, Whisenhunt has a resume, but I see no visual evidence of this on YouTube. Does he know when to tell players to do their jobs?

Sure, we only found out who Gus Bradley was a few weeks ago. No matter. It doesn’t take long to know when it’s love.

Bradley would have brought that Philly attitude and winning way about him that brings the adoration of Eagles fans, like Buddy Ryan. Sure, Ryan didn’t have any playoff success, but that was more due to then evil Eagles owner, Norman Braman, much like only Lurie is standing in the way of Gus Bradley’s success in midnight green.

It seems unlikely the Eagles didn’t offer Bradley the job. It also seems unlikely Bradley wanted to do a thorough search to find the right situation. It’s more likely the revolting sight of Howie Roseman was too much for Gus to handle. Gus, a true Philadelphia leader, knew by seeing Lurie’s mansion the sort of cheap organization that the Eagles have been, and still are.

I can only hope that when Gus Bradley returns to Philadelphia as coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, we as fans do not boo, but give Bradley the standing ovation he so rightly deserves.

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