Stigall Show 1.10.13

5:41 Vice-President Joe Biden stated yesterday that the Administration is considering executive orders to put restrictions on guns.

5:47 An amendment in the Affordable Care Act states that gun and ammunition registration is prohibited.

5:56 Larry Hagman appeared posthumously on “I Get That A Lot” last night on CBS.

6:11 Republcian Senator Jeff Sessions says President Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, is unfit to serve.

6:13 President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, previously criticized an ambassadorial nominee of President Clinton as too “aggressively gay.”

6:27 Howard Eskin and Curt Schilling got into an argument on Twitter over Schilling’s qualifications for the Hall of Fame.

6:41 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released a Hurricane Sandy themed video yesterday.

7:10 Chris talks to Senator Pat Toomey about President Obama’s proposed cabinet nominations and the debate to raise the debt ceiling.

7:55 President Obama sees an opportunity to pick fights with congress.

8:10 Chris talks to Governor Tom Corbett about Hurricane Sandy relief money and his decision to sue the NCAA over sanctions imposed against Penn State.

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