By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new book by a Philadelphia author, just out for Christmas, could have you wanting to poke a friend in the eye.

But don’t.

The Three Stooges Hollywood Filming Locations will trigger instant memories of comic mayhem for many.

Author Jim Pauley (top photo) was introduced to the Stooges on Sally Starr’s old television show, but he says he never lost interest.

Then, about a dozen years ago, he went in search of an outdoor flight of steps made famous in a well-known Three Stooges routine, “where the boys are icemen and their job is to bring a block of ice up a tall set of stairs on a hot summer day.”

Curly does the dirty work, in vain.

curly carrying ice Philadelphia Man Authors Book Documenting His Three Stooges Quest


(Curly:)  “Yangh, yangh!  Hey Moe, they defrosted!”

(Larry:)  “Ice cubes!”

And Pauley says that, after at least 20 trips to the Hollywood area, he has identified all the outdoor filming locations used by the Stooges.

“So what makes it fun is, those films you’ve seen when you were a child, you can now go there and stand where Moe, Larry, or Curly — or Shemp — stood and did their best work.”

On Friday, January 11th, there will be a book-signing by the author at International House in University City, along with a combined film screening and live presentation about the Stooges.

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