By Todd Quinones

ROBBINSVILLE, N.J. (CBS) – If he was any skinnier, Jack would be dead.

He’s all but skin and bones. He was left to die and was found abandoned in Philadelphia, unable to fend for himself.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, no dog deserves to die like that,’” Lorraine Schreiber of the Burlington County Animal Alliance said.

She believed Jack’s emaciated state seemed like any easy fix. She thought he just needed food.

But then vets discovered something else – a large mass in his intestines that kept him from being able to digest his food.

“He was very close to dying. I don’t think he had much time left,” Dr. Kim Hammer with Northstar Vets said.

Northstar Vets is a specialty animal trauma center in Mercer County New Jersey.

“It is very rare to see a dog who is in this malnourished of a state,” she said.

Dr. Hammer discovered that possibly due to hunger, Jack had swallowed an array of socks and underwear.

Dr. Hammer removed the items, but Jack is not out of the woods yet.

Jack in a one year old Mastiff mix. He should weigh about 80lbs. Instead, he weighs only 42lbs.

The added unexpected care could cost the Burlington County Animal Alliance $10,000.

“His life is worth a lot to him, so I felt he needed that chance,” Schreiber said.

Opting out of having him euthanized and setting aside budget concerns, Schreiber brought Jack here to a state of the art facility.

“His eyes say he wants to live. He deserves that chance,” she said.

Now the Burlington County Animal Alliance is in need of some donations, but Jack’s health has been improving, and soon, it’s believed he will be in foster care.

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