5:42 Mayor Michael Nutter said Congress should be able to work out a solution to the fiscal cliff crisis.

5:56 A fire yesterday destroyed the props of a Mummers string band.

5:58 Democrats are organizing supporters to make calls urging Congress to agree with the President’s plan to avert the fiscal cliff.

6:11 A battle is brewing between communities that want to maintain beach tags and a growing political coalition against them.

6:42 Speculation continues to abound that Corey Booker will challenge Chris Christie for Governor in New Jersey.

Corey Booker (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Corey Booker (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

7:10 Chris talks to Alexander Fondrier, the CEO of RedStateDate.com and BlueStateDate.com, dating services that allow people to meet singles with similar political beliefs.

7:44 Senators from New York and New Jersey are proposing tax breaks for Hurricane Sandy clean up.

8:10 Chris talks to Dr. Ian O’Neill, Astrophysicist and Space Producer for Discovery News, to discuss the Mayan Calendar and why it doesn’t predict the end of the world.

8:40 Chris talks to conservative Comedian Evan Sayet about why liberals won’t criticize President Obama.

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