By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some libraries across the country are reporting stories of bedbugs hitching rides in their books.

Sandy Horrocks with the Free Library of Philadelphia says bedbugs are not a problem at the Free Library or any of their 54 locations.

“Our staff is on the lookout at all times as is the exterminating company that we have a permanent contract with so it has not been an issue!” Horrocks says.

She says while the bedbug issue can be a jarring one, bedbugs in libraries are not a widespread problem.

“Libraries, in fact, are not good environments for bedbugs because — and this is gross — they need human blood to survive because they come out at night and we don’t have human beings here in our buildings here at night,” she explains.

If you’re worried, Horrocks recommends inspecting your books before checking them out.

“We haven’t had a problem but I understand that you can find little carcasses on occasion so they certainly do look and make sure that the books are coming back clean,” says Horrocks.

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