By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A SEPTA rider thought she was facing disaster yesterday when she accidentally left her purse on the 48 bus. Instead, her faith in her fellow Philadelphians was renewed.

Joanne Leszczynsky blames Benadryl. She was a little foggy getting off the bus at her Center City office and didn’t even realize she left her purse behind until mid-afternoon.

“It was a combination of panic and resignation when you know you’ve done something really stupid and it’s out of your hands and it’s up to fate,” says Leszczynsky.

She went to work cancelling credit cards, then realized her checkbook was also in there, and her keys and license and a 100 dollar gift card.

“While I was contemplating everybody that I was going to have to call, I thought, let me just call SEPTA,” Leszczynsky explains.

They were waiting for her. A rider gave it to the driver who turned it in to the lost and found. When she picked it up, everything was inside.

“I’m not really surprised this turned out the way it did. You like to think your neighbors will have your back when you need them,” she says.

Still, Leszczynsky feels more than relief.

“I feel like I won the lottery, the karma lottery!” she says.

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