By Chris Stigall

5:45 am: Chris talks about House Republicans and comprise when it comes to the fiscal cliff and Obama’s proposed plan.

6:12 am: Philadelphia Visitors Bureau do not like when the name “Philly” is used instead of “Philadelphia.” They do not think “Philly” is recognized internationally. “Philly” sounds too harsh.

6:44 am: Representative Thomas Murt says it’s time to change the name of “welfare.” He claims it sounds too degrading and embarassing. Chris takes calls from listeners.

7:12 am: Chris talks to John Hayward about his latest blog post “The Fiscal Cliff Fairyland.”

7:41 am: Clothing store, Wet Seal, is under a lawsuit for race dicrimination. Store is being sued over hiring people who have a certain look. Wet Seal claims to have too many African American employees and not enough divesity. Chris takes calls.

8:10 am: Chris talks with Tom McGrath, editor of Philadelphia Magazine, about the Philadelphia Visitors Bureau wanting to stop using the term “Philly.”

8:26 am: Piazza Pet of the Week. Chris welcomes Morris the Cat into the studio.

8:41 am: Eddie Money joins the show to talk about an upcoming performance at the Sellersville Theater on Saturday, December 8. Show times are 6pm and 9pm.

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