By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some of our basic US currency may be facing big changes.

Congress is once again kicking around the idea of retiring the dollar bill in favor of the dollar coin.   But it seems many average Americans are against the idea.

(Woman #1:)  “Because I’m more of a dollar person than I am change.  I could really care less about what the change value is.”

(Man #1:)  “It’s just the way we are.  I mean, that’s all we’ve been using, so why change it?”

(Woman #2:)   “I think it would definitely be a transition.”

(Man #2:)  “I wouldn’t like that, per se, because I would get it too confused with the quarter — like I used to do.  So I like my dollar bills.”

(Woman #3:)  “I definitely think it would be more convenient for those that are blind, but I think it would cause more excess change in your pocket.”

(Woman #4:)  “I think it’s just more convenient to have paper money than it is coins.”

In the past, dollar coins have been unpopular in America.   Most of the presidential dollar coins that were made until last year are now in storage rather than in circulation.

One man says that although he probably wouldn’t use a dollar coin, he would save them when he got them.

“I have my vacation five-gallon jug at home, where I put all my change,” he says, “so there would probably be a lot more dollars in that!”

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