By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Even though the Eagles had the lead in the second half of last night’s game against the Panthers, never once did I think they’d win the game. A game at home, against a (then) 2-8 Carolina Panthers, on Monday Night Football there seemed to be no hope for victory. It’s been that sort of year.

Whether Andy Reid finishes the season as head coach or not isn’t of much consequence it would seem. Truthfully, it doesn’t seem like there is anything that could happen of much consequence over the final five games.

Gold Star #1 – Bryce Brown

Fumbles aside, Brown looked unstoppable for most of the game, going for 178 yards on 19 rushes and two touchdowns. Sure, it’s against the Carolina Panthers, and sure, he probably has some fresh legs, but it seems like Brown’s a keeper.

Demerit #1 – The Entire Eagles Secondary

Every time you see a couple of Eagles on the sideline (any combination of coaches or players here) discussing what happened during some sort of breakdown that left a wide receiver wide open on the previous play, you’ve got to think to yourself “don’t you guys talk about this during the week?” I don’t care whose fault it is, Allen, Coleman, Asomugha, Bowles, whatever, I just don’t want to look at it anymore.

Gold Star #2 – Vinny Curry

I joked before the game that it’s a sad state of affairs when in week 12, the most exciting thing is finally getting to see Vinny Curry play. Though I was curious, and I hoped the guy played well, it’s amazing it has come to this.

That said, after leading the team with five tackles, you’ve got to wonder why this is the first game he’s played this season.

Come to think of it, don’t wonder, you don’t need the angst.

Demerit #2 – King Dunlap

Oh man. What are you doing out there, King?

Gold Star #3 – Alex Henery

We see you Alex. We’re not celebrating your records, but it’s not because we don’t care.

Demerit #3 – Jason Babin

Aside from Babin lining up offsides in the fourth quarter, I don’t have too much reason for putting him here. This is mostly because I’m only going to get five more weeks to mention him and I don’t want to miss an opportunity. Maybe we’ll get another ridiculous tweet or Instagram photo from Babin today.

Honorable Mention: The Post Game Live crew on Comcast Sportsnet last night. A terrible season of football left the guys pretty chippy last night, and all attacking Ed Rendell. It made for pretty hilarious television. It’ll be over soon, guys.

Who do you give a gold star and a demerit to? Let us know in the comments.


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