By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Is it cliche to write a column about what I’m thankful for in Philadelphia sports? Yes, without question it is.

The alternatives aren’t pretty though. Philadelphia sports has devolved into stories about when Andy Reid will get fired and what exactly is wrong with Andrew Bynum’s knees. The Flyers aren’t playing, and the Phillies haven’t overspent on an aging free-agent yet.

There hasn’t been a meaningful on the field (court, ice) moment in Philly sports in well over a month.

So consider this a break from all of that.

I’m thankful for Nick Young.

Look, by the end of the season, there’s a decent chance I’ll be very sick of Nick Young’s play. Right now, Young provides levity in a season that’s been overshadowed by knees and bowling.

He gave us a good Nick Young moment on Tuesday night, when he got hot and led a comeback win over the Raptors.

He gave as an all-time Nick Young moment after the game when he gave the reason for his success. “”I didn’t want to hear Doug’s mouth,” he said. “Swaggy P came and delivered.”

I’m thankful the Eagles season is almost over.

It’s true, the next six weeks will seem like forever. But in relative terms, it’ll all be over very soon, and you’ll have your Sundays free to do whatever you’d like.

I’m thankful for Spencer Hawes’ mullet.

Really, who isn’t. I think I’ve gone from not liking Spencer Hawes at all, to ironically liking Spencer Hawes, to actually liking Spencer Hawes. I’m well aware of his on-court deficiencies, but I don’t think I care anymore.

I’m thankful for the Eagles players who are on Twitter.

Just in case I forget how thoroughly unlikable this Eagles team is, Riley Cooper, Jason Babin or DeSean Jackson tweets and I’m once again reminded.

I’m thankful for Cole Hamels’ new contract.

Because really, think about how scary this Phillies off-season would be without it.

I’m still thankful for Nick Young.

I forgot to mention his hair, or the fact that he wears a new pair of shoes during each game.

I’m thankful Vinny Curry is playing on Monday.

Because in an Eagles season where everything is terrible, something different is at least a small victory.

I’m thankful for Alex Henery.

Poor fella. Good job this year, big guy.

I’m thankful for Nick Young.

Did I mention Nick Young?

I’m thankful for the Sons Of Ben

The one thing I loved about going to sporting events in college was that everyone stood up the whole time. During a very disappointing Union season, those guys and gals never sat down.

I’m thankful we still all care so much.

In this last six months of Philadelphia sports, which has been full of injuries, disappointment, and bowling, I’m thankful we’re all still so passionate about all of it. Even if it’s exhausting.

Consider this:

Chase Utley’s knees, Ryan Howard’s infection, Cliff Lee’s winless streak, Roy Halladay’s decreased velocity, Charlie’s refusal to bring Papelbon in early enough, Jason Peters’ Achilles, Jason Peters’ Achilles again, Michael Vick and “dynasty,” Jason Kelce’s knee, Demetress Bell’s existence, Todd Herremans’ foot, Jason Babin talking, Riley Cooper tweeting, Andrew Bynum not practicing, Andrew Bynum bowling, Andy Reid clearing his throat.

It’s been a rough go of it, thanks for staying interested Philly.


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