By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – After every Eagles game, we ask ourselves the same question.

“Can this possibly get any worse?”

The answer, every single week, is “yes, it sure can.”

I’m no longer holding myself to giving out three gold stars because really, who are we kidding here?

Gold Star #1 – DeMeco Ryans

The one guy who has lived up to what he was advertised to be this season is DeMeco Ryans. Sorry about all of this DeMeco, I promise it’s not usually this bad around here.

Demerit #1 – Nnamdi Asomugha

That was supposed be Kurt Coleman covering that guy you say? That’s fine. It’s just amazing that it seems to happen to you more than any cornerback in league history. As well, when you saw the guy was wide open, you might want to chase after him.

Demerit #2 – Andy Reid

Reid said that LeSean McCoy was still in the game with 1:40 left to go because they were trying to come back to win the game. Clearly, Reid and McCoy devised a 25 point play. Once McCoy recovers from his concussion, perhaps he’ll be able to better explain it.

Demerit #3 – Brent Celek

Celek seems generally upset after each loss, but it’s hard not to notice how poorly he’s played during the six game losing streak.

Demerit #4 – DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin

Two catches, five yards, and zero touchdowns against arguably the worst pass defense in the league.

Demerit #4 – Bobby April

Hey Bobby, please tell your guys that no matter how bad the season is going, they can’t have more than 11 on the field.

Demerit #5 – Kurt Coleman

Kurt Coleman might be a nice kid, but he’s not a good football player. How bad must Jaiquawn Jarrett be to not make this tam?

Honorable Mention: Alex Henery

Dishonorable Mention: Everyone else aside from LeSean McCoy


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