Researchers: To Quit Smoking, Gargle Lemonade

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By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new study has a different way to quit smoking — gargling with lemonade.

The study from the University of Georgia finds that the sugar in lemonade helps self-control. Even just gargling – swishing and spitting — can help the brain re-focus, as the sugar, in this case glucose, hits sensors on the tongue that stimulate the part of the brain that focuses on self-related goals and self-control.

Longtime smoker, Maureen from Northeast Philly, says she’s tried everything else, why not lemonade?

“ I’ve tried the patch, I’ve tried non-smoking gum, I’ve tried through the ear, I’ve tried hypnotism.  The hypnotism lasted me for seven months.”

For the lemonade to work, researchers say it has to be real sugar, no artificial sweeteners. In addition to using it to stop smoking, the study finds (unlike hypnotism) it can be used anytime you feel like you’re losing focus.

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