By Joseph Santoliquito

Philadelphia, PA (CBS) — With everything quickly wilting around him, with a team that’s had its collective character doubted and questioned, the qualities that enabled Andy Reid to be successful rose again at his day-after press conference.

Reid remained steadfast in supporting his players following the fallout from a 28-13 loss to New Orleans Saints Monday night, marking four-straight losses in consecutive seasons for the Eagles.

Reid admitted that he spoke after the game to Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie, whose “8-8 is unacceptable” comment 10 months ago looms like a swooping hawk over Reid and this team.

“Listen, Jeffrey is a competitive guy and he feels like the rest of us,” said Reid, who saw his team go 0-for-5 for touchdowns in the red zone against the Saints and saw the Eagles fall behind by a combined 35 points in the first half over the last two games. “He likes to win football games, and that’s why he’s in this business, it’s why he owns this business. That’s his expectations.”

When the character issue was broached, Reid openly admitted he likes the character of this team. “Is there a frustration that things aren’t going well, absolutely, these guys want to do well, coaches want to well, players want to do well,” Reid said. “They’re battling to get that done. That isn’t the problem right now. You have to get a few things bouncing your way, creating things going your way to turn this thing around.

“I do like the character of this team. I’ve said that a number of times. I think it’s important that you continue to battle and we’re all in this together. You have to keep battling, keep swinging.”

Reid said he’s not concerned with rumblings about his job security floating around and that he’s staying focused on getting the myriad problems that plague this team corrected.

“You focus in on the job at hand, you don’t get past that,” Reid said. “Thinking about records and futures, all of those things, I know those are questions you guys have to ask. When you’re in this thing, you’re in it to practice every day and every play you get yourself better. There’s time to think about those things. I don’t think anybody is worried about that. Guys are worried about getting themselves better to win football games, coaches and players.”

Asked if there was a danger of losing this team, Reid staunchly replied, “The way this football team is wired, I don’t think that will happen. They’re a close bunch and have real good character. They battled through last year, again it was too late, but they battled through last year and won some games. I would expect them to battle through and good things will happen. I like these players and what they represent. We have to play as one.”

But what is happening? Reid, as he’s always done, blamed himself. “I think they’re a tough bunch,” he said. “It’s my responsibility to make sure we’re all going in the right direction where we’re all pulling the rope in the same direction. Right now, we’re off a little bit. The margin between winning and losing in the National Football League is very small.”

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