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By Brad Segall

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — Residents in the Philadelphia area with extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy could soon begin seeing disaster recovery centers that will help them get the assistance they need.

During a stop at the Montgomery County emergency operations center, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett (center of photo below) said assessments are being done now and should continue through the weekend.

Once that’s finished, he says, residents will be able to take advantage of one-stop-shopping recovery centers where they can get help from the state and, likely, the federal government.

“The state will bring in our agencies so you only have to go to one location to make claims, and it will depend on what the claims are,” the governor explained.

He expects these recovery centers to start opening sometime next week.

corbettmontco ofcls eo ctr  segall Pennsylvania Readying Consolidated Storm Recovery Help Centers

(Gov. Tom Corbett, center, and Montgomery County elected leaders get briefing at the county’s emergency operations center on Thursday. Credit: Brad Segall)


Corbett also says Pennsylvania residents will not have to pay “hurricane” deductibles for damage caused by Sandy.  Some policies have special, higher deductibles for hurricanes.  Residents are still responsible, however, for their standard homeowner’s deductibles for claims.

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