By Elizabeth Hur

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) – A couple scrambled to save their wedding after Sandy put it in jeopardy last minute.

With a sparkling engagement ring, Andrew McKelvey popped the question in Paris last June. Jamie Whiteside said, “Yes”. In a beautiful gown, she was excited to exchange their “I do’s” this Saturday. That is until Sandy forced their venue to shut down until further notice.

“Unfortunately, they’re turning it into the worst week possible,” Jamie Whiteside said.

The management at the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City, according to the couple, could not help resolve the unfortunate situation Sandy presented the couple and the hotel. The city, as of Thursday night, remains closed to the public.

Whiteside explained, “They’re basically telling me, we might be able to feed 112 people. We might be able to give them a hotel room. All I wanted is that if they’re unable to fulfill their contractual obligations that we would then be refunded the money because they can’t render the services that we had agreed to on the date that we had agreed to.”

Earlier this week in an email, one of the managers suggested they assess the situation on Wednesday. We are told that never happened.

Jamie Whiteside recalled, “The last thing I was told on the phone was, ‘We don’t refund weddings’.”

Sherry Whiteside, Bride’s Mother, added, “The phone calls were not being answered. So I also called the Congress Hall, which they also own, to find out if it’s a possibility of them relocating the wedding.”

We’re told that suggestion was also turned down. Running out of time and with guests flying in from across the country and overseas, the families say with cooperation from every other vendor, they managed to make arrangements with the Wildwood Convention Center to keep the plan as is.

Sherry Whiteside said, “I just hope everyone can reach out and come to the wedding and make this the day that my daughter wants it to be.”

Jamie Whiteside added, “I completely understand and my fiancé understands. We understand this was beyond their control. However, help us out. Work with us. Please be understanding of our situation and be sympathetic.”

Eyewitness News reached out to the Chelsea Hotel for a response. As of late Thursday night, we had not heard back from them. When and if we do, we will be sure to report the update.

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