By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The state House as soon as today could send Governor Corbett a bill reforming Pennsylvania’s charter schools law. The state Senate passed the measure last evening.

The measure would represent the first major overhaul of Pennsylvania’s 15 year-old charter school law. But while charter school reform is something high on the list of Governor Corbett’s priorities, the measure passed by the Senate and sent to the House does not contain some provisions sought by the governor, including one that would have allowed a state panel to authorize charter schools instead of local districts.

But Chester County’s Andrew Dinniman, ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, says the fact that not everyone is happy with the bill is a good sign.

“Because if one group walks away happy, and the other group walks away mad, then you don’t have a fair and equitable bill.”

The bill would also create a panel to study and recommend a new funding formula for charter schools.

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