By Chris Stigall

5:42am: Next presidential debate is tonight. It will be moderated by Candy Crowley in a town hall format. What will the debate be like with Crowley as moderator? How will Obama do? Is it make it or break it tonight?

6:11am: Obama and Senator Casey only lead their opponents by small numbers in PA according to Morning Call Poll. Romney taking Pennsylvania can be done.

6:41am: Intoxicated man slaps cop across the face. Cop then repeatedly strikes man with baton. All caught on video. Why would you hit a cop to begin with? Don’t hit a cop.

6:53am: Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for deaths at US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Clinton takes blame away from Obama and Biden. Chris takes calls to hear what the listeners think.

7:11am: Chris continues conversation on Hillary Clinton taking blame for attacks on US consulate in Libya. Chris takes more calls.

7:40am: 50+ coal miners are headed to Harisburg, PA to protest the war on coal. FreedomWorks is sponsoring this rally at Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda. Chris talks to Deneen Borelli, Outreach Director for FreedomWorks.

7:54am: Chis continues conversation about Hillary Clinton.

8:10am: Chris talks to Ryan Williams, spokesman for Romney campaign, about tonight’s debate and the close polling data.

8:29am: Chris talks about Inquirer printing PA poll data with Obama well in the lead and then publishing different information with a smaller lead.

8:42: Chris talks to Rob Wilson, the first ever “The Price is Right” male model search winner.



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