By Todd Quinones

EVESHAM, N.J. (CBS) – The rather bizarre and mysterious hit-and-run case in Evesham Township begs the question: When is it time to hang up the car keys for good?

With no new clues, the three-day long search for a possible victim is being scaled back.

Dumbfounded by a busted windshield, with human hair, but no victim and an 81-year-old driver who can’t apparently remember much, Evesham Township Police contend they have no choice but to begin to move on. But not before they recommend the DMV re-examine the 81-year-old to see if he’s fit to drive.

“He made some statements about his ability to drive at night and his inability to remember where he hit what he believes is an object,” Evesham Twp. Police Sgt. Joseph Friel said.

Cathy Castrovilly drives nearly every day to her job for the Red Cross.

“To drive for the Red Cross we have to be certified,” she said.

But like many senior citizens, Castrovilly will one day have to determine if she should get behind the wheel.

In her case, her own mother is her role model in that department.

“She reached 80 and felt that was it, and she stopped. She knew it was time,” Castrovilly said.

But like the Evesham case shows, things aren’t always so cut and dry.

AAA recently set up a Pennsylvania State Certified Senior Driver course on its website.

Seniors can test some of their driving ability.

There are also tips for families worried about older relatives driving.

“It’s an issue that families don’t want to face and unfortunately they get in that position when they do have to face it, and it’s a tough topic to talk about with your older relative,” AAA Spokesperson Jenny Robinson said.

It may surprise some, but According to AAA the idea that senior citizens are the most dangerous drivers is a myth.

AAA indicates that title belongs to teens and young drivers who have the highest rates of accidents.

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