By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There’s no debate, the debate was the most important option on television Thursday night.

“I know what’s going on with sports, but this is where I need to be, this is what I need to know,” said Mark Evangelista, who watched the debate at Chickie’s & Pete’s, along with many others.

“Sports takes a backseat to this because you never know what’s going to happen to the future of the country,” said another patron.

But to some, the debate wasn’t the best option.

“Football is number one, debate number two,” one patron said.

After all, we are a football city, and when football is on TV, even if it’s not the Eagles, politics can go out the window.

“Football all the way!” said Shawn Koehle.

But some did feel a little tug of guilt picking sports over the debate.

Throw into the mix a little October playoff baseball and you have yourself a divided house at Chickie’s and Pete’s.

For conservative radio host Chris Stigall, on our sister station 1210 WPHT, hosting a debate watch party inside a sports bar was the perfect fit.

“In a debate hall, you have to be silent. Here, people can boo and hiss, they can do whatever they want,” said Stigall.

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