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By Oren Liebermann

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS) — The victims of Jerry Sandusky didn’t come to court looking for an apology; they know that will likely never happen. They came to make sure no child would ever again suffer at Sandusky’s hands.

“Sandusky spent three decades roaming the Penn State campus and Second Mile looking for victims — now he’s finally where he belongs,” said Tom Kline, the attorney for Victim #5.

Three victims spoke in court. Two more submitted statements, including Victim #1, who said, “I just wanted a childhood like anyone else…I’ve been looking over my shoulder for a long time. Jerry Sandusky is the worst kind of pedophile, taking advantage of his status and power. He smirked his way through the legal proceedings. There is no remorse, no acknowledgement or regret. Only evil.”

At a point where Sandusky could’ve helped the healing, the victims’ attorneys say he caused more pain.

“Look them in the eye, tell them it’s not their fault…Instead, he does the exact opposite and continues to victimize them.”

Victim #6 said in court, “You can choose to be in denial about everything you have done and spend the rest of your remaining years in denial and torment. I believe you are only fooling yourself…it’s time to stop coming up with excuses for your behavior.”

Once again, Sandusky proclaimed his innocence, this time in front of his victims.

“It’s hard to make any sense of it, because it came from the mouth of a man who is just deranged – deranged but also fully cognizant of what he’s doing,” attorney Matt Casey said.

Sandusky’s victims say this isn’t really a victory for them, since there are no winners here. But it brings a sense of relief that the pain of repeating their story is behind them and healing is ahead.

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