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By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The stakes couldn’t be any bigger.

As the two men vying to be the next president of the United States made their case, CBS 3 cameras were there as college students, and senior citizens listened to what the two men had to say.

For University of Pennsylvania students, many are facing school loans that will bring debt as they head into an uncertain job market.

The question before them: which candidate do they think has their best interest in mind?

Both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tried to propel themselves as the one best suited to handle the economy. It is a central issue that is key to this race.

Both candidates hope to connect to voters with their economic plans.

“I think they are acting like kids honestly. You almost want to tell them not to throw a temper tantrum and to be more responsible with regards to the times,” UPenn student Aardra Rejendran said.

“I think both of them say things very specific to what their party wants. I think both of them end up saying things they both don’t necessarily believe,” UPenn student Sean Banul said.

The first 2012 presidential debate was closely watched by senior citizens at Ann’s Choice in Warminster.

The debate in Denver focused on domestic issues. Along with the economy, healthcare and the role of government were discussed.

The question voters will have to answer is who can convince them to earn their vote.

“They are good men, both of them. They know the law. They know government, and history. I think they are both trustworthy,” voter Wendy Larson said.

“Obama seems to be trying to say the same things over and over which are not necessarily what Romney is saying,” voter Chris Knopf said.

At separate partisan debate watch parties in our area, supporters got together to watch and root for the candidate they are supporting.

“I think he’s doing very well. If you notice, he’s not letting the moderator interrupt him. If he’s got a point to make, he is making it,” Romney supporter Miles Alloway said.

“I think it’s important to be here as an American, to make sure our country continues to move in the same direction,” Obama supporter Pearline Wright said.

There will two more presidential debates, as well as one vice presidential debate before the election.

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