By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Choosing the right cat litter for your cat is very important because if your cat is not comfortable with your selection, he or she may develop litter box problems in the long run.

There are four common types of cat litter, clumping, clay, natural and crystals. The most commonly used is the clumping litter. It scoops easily and controls odor but can be dusty at times. Clay litter can also be dusty and may need to be replaced more frequently but it’s inexpensive. Natural litters are eco-friendly, biodegradable but a little more expensive. Crystal litters absorb odors well and last longer but are also more expensive and not all cats may like the texture.

Your cat will most likely have a preference as to the type of texture and scent of the litter. If your cat is avoiding the litter box, then most likely, you need to find one with a different texture and/or scent. Although scented litters may be pleasing to people, your cat may not approve. So it’s best to use unscented.

Let your cat choose. Try placing two litter boxes side by side with different types of litter in each to see which one your cat prefers. Once you find one that works, don’t switch.

Regardless of the type or texture or scent, always make sure to clean the litter box frequently.

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