Major Genetic Breakthrough In Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
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By Dr. Brian McDonough

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Scientists reported Sunday that they have completed a major analysis of the genetics of breast cancer, finding four major classes of the disease.

The scientists used part of a study called the Cancer Genome Analysis to identify the different types.

This is all part of the first comprehensive genetic analysis of breast cancer.

The scientists hope their work will eventually lead to more effective treatments, perhaps with some drugs already in use.

A report in the journal Nature is said to be a road map for the future.

Essentially, what they’re doing is looking at specific genetic types of breast cancer. Ideally, they’d like to form treatments to attack each one of those types.

The genetic treatments are not going to be around the corner, but the important point is studies can be done, and we can look at different approaches to trying to attack different forms of breast cancer.

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