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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you watched yesterday’s Eagles game, you definitely noticed that the replacement referees did not have their best game. As well, perhaps you heard Ray Rice’s post-game comments saying the Eagles defense took cheap shots. One Ravens blogger is not happy about any of it.

A writer that goes only by “lastcallbmore” wrote an article on the Ravens blog Baltimore Beatdown titled High Flying Ravens Grounded By Eagles And Replacement Refs. It’s fair to say he wasn’t happy with the game.

First he wrote:

Unfortunately, on the other side of the ball quarterback Joe Flacco and the high flying Ravens passing attack was grounded by a secondary using every cheap shot, illegal trick in the book to keep them from lift off. I’ll give the Eagles credit. they knew what kind of calls the refs would see and what kind they would not.

I’ve always wanted to know what book all the illegal tricks were in. Apparently, in this book, the Eagles were able to find out what calls the referees would see. Must be some book.

I can take it when the Ravens are beaten by a better team but I cannot take it when they are beaten by an inferior opponent that uses cheap shots and uncalled penalties to gain the advantage just because they know the referees are not well trained enough to recognize them.

Can you take it when a suffocating defense turns your “ready to take the Pro Bowl leap QB” back into Joe Flacco? No?

This game was a disgrace to the National Football League and the Eagles and their fans know it. If they do not then they are living in a dream world.

You should check out this dream world man, we’re 2-0 in it.

The better team lost this day and that happens in the NFL just look at the Cardinals Patriots game but on this day it was not the Ravens poor showing or their inability to locate Brent Celek or some of the other Eagles receivers in the secondary it was finally truly the referees that brought this team to 1-1 instead of 2-0.

I don’t think Ed Reed had any trouble finding Brent Celek. Problem seemed to be when Reed found Celek, Celek just jumped over him.

Oh yeah, let’s give credit to Nnamdi Asomugha who found ways to cheat the entire game without getting caught the “refs”but the film does not lie and anyone with two brain cells to rub together to create a third could see he was constantly over-matched and had to hold and interfere just to keep up.

Who rubs together brain cells? Is that safe?

The coaches and players could not have played any harder and they were rewarded with backstabbing and irreversible damage to their 2012 record. That is insane. Great job NFL I hope saving the money is worth losing the hardcore fans like me that have given so much for this game in time and money. Tonight I will be disgusted. Tomorrow I will go back to work and look towards next week in hopes that the better team may once again win, whether it be our Ravens or not.

Wait, is the NFL losing you or not?

The referees did a bad job. Problem was, the Ravens job did an even worse job stopping Michael Vick from scoring in the fourth quarter. Backstabbers!

For what it’s worth, Bruce Raffel of Baltimore Beatdown participated in last week’s Raven’s scouting report, and was a pleasure to deal with. I asked Bruce about the post, and here was his reply:

The guy is a passionate fan and is very upset that the Ravens lost a definitely winnable game. From a Baltimore standpoint, I definitely think if this game is played again and again, the Ravens win almost every time, as they are the better team. See, that’s my opinion as a fan. The refs were horrible but I won’t ever blame them for a loss, but if you see my 1pm post, I see the replacements as a major embarrassment to the league. I don’t see the Eagles as dirty but it did seemed they were so concerned about the Ravens physical style that they tried a bit too hard to show they could compete physically. Any Eagles fan knows your team could easily be 0-2 but they aren’t and I’d take it as well. 1-1 doesn’t bother me as we made the AFCCG after starting 1-1 last year. Good luck to you, your team and I’d love a rematch in February!

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