By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The several inches of rain from the hurricane remnants last week was a bit much all at once, but we’ve been below average much of the year – starting with the snow we didn’t get last winter. So it was good to top up the water table a bit and help trees and shrubs that struggled through our hot, dry summer too.

A drenching storm also gives you a great opportunity to move – or remove plants in your garden. If you have some plants that have declined, died, or are just in the wrong place, you can’t beat a soaking rain to get the roots ready to go. Digging is so much easier when the soil isn’t bone dry, plus the plant is well watered to help it survive the move better too.

So, take note of any plants you might want to move this fall, and next time we get a good rain, get out there and get digging within a day or two. Remember that moving plants in autumn gives them three seasons to get settled before they have to try to survive yet another dry summer.

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