The week after Labor Day has KYW’s Jay Lloyd thinking about a seashore getaway.

By Jay Lloyd

CAPE MAY, N.J. (CBS) — Wow.  There’s finally room to spread a blanket on the beach and actually see the ocean without being blocked by a thicket of umbrellas.

And look over there! -– no lines waiting to get into your favorite restaurant or simply to get an ice cream cone.

Kids are back in school, and weekdays at any area shore resort from Ocean City, NJ to its Maryland namesake offers wide open spaces and a ramped down, island pace.

While merchants prefer the crowds, there are distinct advantages to a weekend getaway after Labor Day.

“Just getting a feel for the city without all the traffic and people everywhere,” explains one shopkeeper.

And there are still some warm (maybe even hot) beach days ahead.

Prices are starting to tumble for everything from motel rooms to tchotchkes.

Midweek reservations are now easier to score, so that impulse getaway to the shore is as easy as slipping into the flip-flops.



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