by Gary R’nel – 9/2/12 –

Clarity and honesty. I implore Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades and Senior Advisor Eric Fehrnstom to impress upon their candidate that sloganeering is fine but it will take a seismic shift in the campaign’s message to persuade undecided independents, women and Democrats to pull the GOP lever on November 6th.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 14-percent of the electorate has not made up its mind while another 30-percent acknowledge that they do not know enough about Mitt Romney to comfortably support him. These numbers are colossal in an election that is statistically tied this late in the calendar given the state of our economy.

A recent poll for The Hill shows 53-percent of Americans think this country is headed in the wrong direction. While a CBS/NY Times poll shows that two out of three registered voters believe the president’s policies contributed in someway to the economic downturn.

No sitting president since Franklin Roosevelt has won reelection with a jobless rate above eight percent. We have experienced unemployment at that level for more than 42-months. In a poor economy, voters are always open to the idea of tossing out incumbents. It is up to the challengers to make the case that they can do a better job. So, Mr. Romney make the case.

Immediately, you need to offer a more plausible explanation concerning your policy shifts on several social issues including RomneyCare, gun control, immigration, abortion and gay marriage. You have to convince the electorate that these shifts did not come about simply for the sake of political expediency. That they are truly a reflection of your embodiment and spirit as it now exists. Americans are longing for a plain spoken candidate who they can believe in and trust.

A couple of key observations from the Tampa GOP convention. Paul Ryan is fortunate that a majority of the electorate will never fact check a speech. Chris Christie put on a command performance setting the stage for a future run. Clint Eastwood’s stand up played well to the delegates but I think may have the reverse effect on independents and undecided democrats. And unfortunately, it is that constituency combined with voter turnout that will determine who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20th.


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