By Bob Nelson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s been increased interest these days in pioneering movies, some of which are reborn as DVDs while others survive in their original format.

There are a number of vintage movies that should have made it on a contemporary format but did not.

Come Back To The Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean was released in the early ’80s but was a no-show as a DVD.

Then, there was contemporary nonsense — the likes of Popeye and Ready To Wear, did make it on a new format.

The 1985 horror flick Re-Animator was called “reasonably disgusting but a solid winner” on the Blu-ray format.

Another DVD winner, from 1970: Airport, starring Bert Lancaster, Dean Martin, and Jean Seberg.

Finally, The Navigator, from 1924, starring Buster Keaton — certainly a Blu-ray masterpiece.

And of course we know that the recent Titanic, the boy-meets-girl, ship-meets-iceberg epic featuring Kate Winslet (who survives) and Leonardo DiCaprio (who doesn’t) is already a Blu-ray blockbuster.


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