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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (CBS) – Jenny McCarthy recently hosted a pool party in Atlantic City at the Pool After Dark. After posing in Playboy magazine in 1993, McCarthy appeared on TV shows and in films. Now, she has a new talk show scheduled to debut next year on VH1 and a book due out this fall. Before heading into the nightclub at Harrah’s Resort, McCarthy walked the red carpet and talked about her upcoming projects.

When will your new late-night talk show debut on VH1?

It starts in January and I wanted to bring a little bit of Playboy after dark back to TV, a little sexy back! With all the guy hosts you would think there would be more sexy late-night so I thought maybe I could get away with it because I’m a chick, so I’m going to bring that back, a little comedy and of-course pop culture, humor.

jenny mccarthy Stars At The Shore: Jenny McCarthy

In 1993 you first posed for Playboy. Why did you decide to appear in the magazine this summer, almost 20 years later?

I didn’t think I would ever do it again and then Hef kept on me and as I started to reach 40, I said you know, everyone thinks just twenty year olds are sexy—there’s this whole generation of Mom’s that still pull it together so I kind of wanted to show that we still have it so I posed again. The feedback I got was amazing, I didn’t expect it but I was grateful for it.

What is your new book about and when is it coming out?

My book is coming out October 2nd. It’s my eighth book and it’s called, Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic. It’s a funny coming of age story from the time I was six until now; questioning my belief systems that I was taught and then finding my own through humor and through spiritual books.

Recently, you moved from Los Angeles back home to Chicago with your son; how is it going?

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m from Chicago and it’s been weighing on me to give him a better life then what he’s had in LA with paparazzi; and a lot of the friends live within a 10 mile radius, there was no one he could connect to. When I went back home he had so many friends to play with and a sense of community that I missed in Los Angeles so we’re staying there, I’m happy it’s my home and he said it’s the best thing you’ve ever done for me Mom.

jenny mccarthy and veronica dudo Stars At The Shore: Jenny McCarthy

Do you ever get the chance to visit Philadelphia?

Well, I’m flying out of there tomorrow but I’ve been there a few times, I love it. Anytime anybody wants to invite me there, I’m happy to go (laughs) but I do think it’s a great city, I think it has a great football team and it has a good sense of community much like the Midwest.

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