PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Cullen Jenkins could only joke about his confrontation with coach Andy Reid.

Jenkins, in his second season with the Philadelphia Eagles, got into it with the head coach on the sideline during Monday night’s preseason win at New England. The game was broadcast nationally, and replays of Jenkins going head-to-head with the normally mild-mannered Reid have been shown numerous times.

Asked before Wednesday’s practice if Reid singled him out because he is a defensive leader, Jenkins quipped: “I think it was more because I’m black.”

Clearly, Jenkins was just kidding.

Jenkins then said the two were yelling at each other only because it was loud inside Gillette Stadium and they couldn’t hear.

Humor aside, Jenkins regrets the confrontation.

“In the end it turns out to be a distraction, it doesn’t prove anything,” he said. “It turns out to be something that now they’re talking about on TV, or a distraction toward the team or more rumors about what is or what isn’t going on here. That’s not what you strive to do, or that’s not what you want.”

Jenkins said he has talked to Reid at least three times since their spat, and everything is cool. Reid holds no grudges.

“That’s OK,” Reid said. “That’s all part of this game. So, I put a lot of responsibility on my offensive and defensive line. At that particular moment, I didn’t really feel like either one of those groups was playing like they play. I like a little fire. That’s all right. It means something to him and he’s one of the leaders of that group, and so I get it. I understand.”

Jenkins joined the Eagles last summer after spending his first seven seasons in Green Bay. He played an integral role on the defensive line last year and is an unofficial spokesman for the unit. Jenkins is always available for interviews and gives insightful answers to questions.

He said he’s been warned about being too emotional during games in the past.

“I’m usually a pretty easygoing person,” he said. “There are certain times when I can get a little emotional. It was just a lot of emotion going on at the time, it’s game time and stuff. I just kind of didn’t grab control of them as well as I should have.”

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