By David Madden

(CBS) – A new survey suggests New Jersey residents may not be as satisfied with their quality of life as they used to be.

Monmouth University’s polling institute established a 200 point scale almost two years ago by which respondents could indicate their level of satisfaction. After steady, if not small increases the rating has now dipped a bit from a plus 31 in April to a plus 27 now.

“It’s still not the most positive result that you could have,” says Poll director Patrick Murray. “You want to see a number that’s closer to plus 40 to plus 50 there, which is about the highest you can probably expect in this kind of rating.”

So why the drop? Murray suggests you look at the economy for an explanation.

“Older residents, those over the age of 55, the rating dropped from 37 to 30. Among those who earn under $50,000 it dropped 8 points from plus 24 to plus 16.”

There were also dips among those living in urban and rural areas of the state. Murray says there’s no reason to panic here, because the overall view of life in New Jersey remains positive.

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