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By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you wanted to be just like Kim Kardashian (and who wouldn’t) and you went out and bought a pair of Skecher’s Shape-up sneakers, you can get money back (and your head examined).

You may have watched a 2011 Superbowl commercial in which booty-full beauty Kim Kardashian dumps her personal trainer for a pair of Skecher’s Shape-up sneakers, which the company touted as the newest way to burn calories and tone and strengthen muscles, according to “independent” clinical studies.

The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against the company because it alleged that unfounded claims that Shape-ups would help people lose weight, and strengthen and tone their buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles misled the public. Skechers has agreed to pay 40 million dollars to refund money to consumers who bought the product. You can file for your refund at FTC.gov.

And remember that the next time you’re told that simply wearing exercise apparel or using one piece of equipment will tone your body, make sure that the claim is backed by evidence.

And of course, no exercise equipment can help if it’s bought and put at the back of the closet.

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