By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Anayely Gomez, at three, crossed the Mexican border in a pick-up truck en route to New York City. Her father found factory work as did Ms. Gomez, now with a college degree but no work permit.

She’s called a “dreamer,” an undocumented immigrant, who – with possibly 800,000 persons – will benefit from President Obama’s recent policy that those under 30 who came to the US before 16 could receive renewable, two year deferments on deportation and apply for a work permit.

Persons must be residents at least five years, have no record of serious crime, have a GED or high school diploma or still must be in school, and/or served in the armed forces to qualify for the exemption according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ms. Gomez is working with others to ensure the policy is implemented fairly, still hoping that that the Dream Act will be passed allowing those in institutions of higher ed to remain here for six years.


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