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5:44 President Obama is having problems reaching independents.

5:50 The President has fallen to a historic low among blue collar white men.

6:11 Mitt Romney was booed at times during his speech to the NAACP before being cheered at the end.

mitt romney Stigall Show Log 7.12.12

Mitt Romney (Photo by Eric Kayne/Getty Images)

6:14 Give Romney credit for making an attempt in front of the NAACP.

6:17 Mayor Michael Nutter slammed Mitt Romney in his response to the speech. 

6:42 Olympic Gyro at Reading Terminal Market received a cease-and-desist order United States Olympic Committee demanding the shop change its name.

olympic rings Stigall Show Log 7.12.12

(Photo by LOCOG via Getty Images)

7:10 The House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare yesterday.

7:15 83% of doctors said they’ve considered leaving medicine because of Obamacare.

7:28 Mayor Nutter is right to require feeding of the homeless to be done indoors.

7:40 Chris talks to Republican Senate Candidate Tom Smith about his race to unseat Bob Casey.

8:10 Conservatives have realized their mistake on the origins of the individual mandate.

8:18 Chris talks to Kirsten Kukowski, National Press Secretary for the Republican National Committee, about President Obama’s record of outsourcing.

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