By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philabundance is asking area green thumbs to donate some of the produce they’re growing in their home gardens.

Their annual “Share The Harvest” campaign kicks off this Saturday.

“The goal of ‘Share The Harvest’ is to enlist the help of the community to bring in their extra fruits and vegetables from their garden,” Philabundance spokeswoman Marlo DelSordo said.

She says because of high costs, those in need tend to cut produce from their shopping lists and 42-percent of food Philabundance distributes consists of fruits and veggies.

DelSordo adds that they buy produce when donations are scarce, but right now that’s not an option.

“This summer that’s not going to be as feasible for us as it has been in the past. So ‘Share The Harvest’ is even more important this year to get the essential fruits and vegetables into the community.”

The campaign runs every Saturday until September 22nd. There are 11 drop-off locations in the region and you can find them on the Philabundance website.

Last year’s campaign brought in 9,600 pounds of produce for those in need.


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