By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There’s an old adage that says that dogs view themselves as one of us while cats view us as one of them. Either way, both the canine and feline species have adapted wonderfully living with humans. The question is: how do they adapt living with each other?

Well, as many of us have witnessed firsthand living with them side by side, despite what their DNA has bestowed on them, many dogs and cats can certainly coexist in an extremely peaceful way and some have proven to become lifelong companions, guardians and even best friends. Actually, almost half the domesticated cats in the United States share their home with a dog or dogs.

Regardless of their differences, such as canines being pack animals with a social order and felines being more independent and territorial by nature due to their heritage, both species are warm-blooded, capable of affection and forming close bonds with people and other animals. That’s quite a feat; actually, considering their distinctly different ancestries and social order that uniquely defines them.

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