By Chris Stigall

5:41 Live from Independence Mall, Chris recalls events in history that took place here in Philadelphia.

6:10 President Barack Obama is on the road with a “Betting on America” bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

 6:15 Lower Chichester and other towns budget cuts on 4th of July celebrations.

6:40 Chris talks with David Horowitz, President of the Freedom Center, on his patriotism and thoughts on  how America faces the Left’s financial overpower.

7:12 Chris chats with David Limbaugh, Author of “The Great Destroyer,” about taking back power through the political branches.

7:42 Chris talks with Jon Stossel, American Consumer Reporter, about governments growth and his experiences in the classroom.

7:54 Chris speaks with Partick Fitzpatrick, Head of Plumstead Christian School, on the Founders Forum with George W. Bush and the importance of his school.

8:10 Chris asks Independence Park Ranger Ed Welch, questions about  Philadelphia’s amazing  History. 

8:40 Chris talks with James Cuorato, President and CEO of Independence Visitor Center Corporation. 


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