Ukee Washington is out on leave following hip surgery. Follow his HIP TRIP journey (as he calls it) and his road recovery — with updates here on Be sure to leave words of encouragement and well wishes below…

Wednesday, July 18, 2012:

ukee 4 BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

GETTING CLOSER!!! The HIP TRIP took me by the station to see some of my co-workers today! It felt so good to be “home!!!” My official return will be at the end of this month! CAN’T WAIT!! Didn’t stay too long had to get to a therapy appt!! Thank u family for your continued well wishes and prayers! Hope to be with all of you once again very soon! Be well, Be Blessed..and please Be Careful in the current tri-state area weather conditions..keep an eye out for the elderly, especially those living alone, children and safeguard your pets as well! HOLLA!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012:

ukee3 BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

Look who came to visit today! Word is Ukee will be returning soon…stay tuned!

Thursday, July 12, 2012:

ukee 2 BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

LESS THAN 3 weeks? AWW quit pulling my leg!!! The countdown is on…can’t wait to get back to CBS3 with my colleagues! The HIP TRIP is winding down (as far as returning to work anyway) and my man JOEY D is pleased with the results thus far! Slow and steady wins the race as they say. Your messages and prayers are providing much appreciated motivation and inspiration! My colleagues have you covered on TV and on line at CBSPHILLY.COM! Join us Morning, Noon and Night! Be well, Be Blessed…Hope to see you soon! HOLLA!

Sunday, July 8, 2012:

Morning Family! Have a blessed Sunday! Thought I would check in n say Heeey!! The Hip Trip rehab process continues..get my 6 wk surgeon evaluation Tuesday! Later this afternoon on CBS3 I’ll be cheering for soon to be 34 yr old TROY KELLY. He’s in contention to win this weeks PGA tour stop after having hip replacement 18 mo. ago!! My Man!!! Let’s go Troy! :) Thx again sooo much for ur well wishes n prayers! I’ll get back to ya soon! Be well!! HOLLA!

Thursday, July 5, 2012:

Morning Family! Hope u had a great 4th! Been up for a while doing some light home rehab drills for the Hip Trip while watching my teammates on EWN this AM…then a real session this afternoon at the center! Have an AWESOME day…take care of u, others n ur pets in this heat! HOLLA!

Monday, July 2, 2012:

ukee 1 BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

WATER WORLD!! Hope it works out better for me than it did for Kevin Costner back in the day! H20 therapy is under way to work out the sore spots during the Hip Trip! Hope u had a good weekend Family! Stay up to date with your NEWS, WEATHER, TRAFFIC and SPORTS with my colleagues on CBS3 on TV and on line 24/7 at CBSPHILLY.COM! Miss you much! HOLLA!

Friday, June 29, 2012:

ukee having a ball BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

HAVING A BALL!!(sort ) Have a great wkd Family! The HIP TRIP continues with a variety of exercises and drills and Im doing them all with gusto!! Looking forward to water therapy next week! Yup.. everybody in-da-pool!! Speaking of which,,take precautions in the dangerous heat thats expected…for you,,others,,and ur pets! Thank u all again for your support and well, be blessed..Stay up to date on the weather, news, sports and traffic with my colleagues at CBS3..24/7 on TV and on line at CBSPHILLY.COM! HOLLA!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012:

Hey Family! Dropped in to say “hey”….n to let u know I miss all of you as well! Ur kind words n prayers continue to get me thru n motivate me to work even harder to get back! Today is my 4 week anniversary!! Feeling pretty good! The tightness is diminishing each day! Pain is next to none..( every now n then some moments that smart but so far so good) hopefully in a week or so the Docs can give me a time table for a return! Be well..the best to u n urs! Thx again! HOLLA!!

Friday, June 22, 2012:

ukee therapy BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

…AND FOR MY NEXT TRICK!!!…ill be performing this move on the anchor desk upon my return!! :) MORNING FAMILY and Happy Friday! The Hip Trip continues..the good days seem to be out numbering the tough ones!..and Id say Im about 75% now which my Docs and Therapists say is pretty good 3 1/2 wks after surgery! Thanks for the love and prayers u r sending..Im pacing myself and looking forward to rejoining my teammates and working for all of YOU once again! Be well.. be blessed..have a safe wkd!! Stay up to date with my colleagues morning, noon and night..for ur News, Weather, Traffic and Sports on CBS3 and at CBSPHILLY.COM! HOLLA!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012:

ukee therapy 2 BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

DONT LET THE SMILE FOOL YA!!……Hey Family and Happy Hump Day! The next phase is under way! Meet Joe Dawson one of the many excellent therapist at ATI Physical Therapy! Joey “D” is working me hard….he wiped off the smile and put me through it after the pic was snapped lol!!! OUTPATIENT work is underway and he seems to be pleased with my work thus far..little ways to go..and once again your well wishes.. and faith.. is truly helping me along the way! Im writing this just after 4am..had some aches, got up and did some drills,,feeling betta Im going to try and get a couple more hours! Have a great rest-o-wk! Thx for watching EWN! My colleagues have ya covered morning, noon and nite! HOLLA!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012:

ukee child BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

WORKING TO REGAIN THE FORM! Ok, maybe not “this” form! lol AHH the days of PUTT PUTT on the boardwalk in WILDWOOD N.J.! Dont know when ill be swinging the club for real, but therapy is on schedule..Today is the 3 wk anniversary of the start of my hip trip and outpatient rehab/gym work is about to begin! Thank u so much for the words of prayer and encouragement…it is truly motivational and inspirational! Working hard to get back on the air and… back on the course :) FOOOOOOOORE! HOLLA!

June 15, 2012:

Hey Family! Just finished a variety of drills as the comeback trail gets a little shorter each day! Got the ice pack n the U.S. Open both on waiting for EWN@5! Feeling good…hope u r as well. Have a wonderful Fathers Day wkd as we honor our Dads present and those who have passed. Be blessed..Thank u all again for your motivation n prayers!! Time to get a lil more Ice Ice Baby! Da da da dada da da! See how long that oldie but goodie is stuck in ur head! C ya! :)

June 10, 2012:

ukee car BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

Hope ur wkd has gone well. Thanks again for the many well wishes and prayers since my hip trip!! I finally was able to get out of the house and neighborhood..cant drive or leave the car when out..but its a step in the right direction! Still some discomfort trying to sleep at nite…but it comes with the territory! :) Big day scheduled to come out!! YAAAAY!! Ill get back to ya later this week! Thank u again! Keep up to date with my colleagues 24/7 on TV and on line at CBSPHILLY.COM! HOLLA!!

June 7, 2012:

ukee alexs phone bank BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip


June 5, 2012:

ukee cane BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

MAN and his NEW best friend! HIS CANE! Hey Family! Walked 2 BLOCKS down and back with my therapist today..Mr Edward Shubert..I call him SGT. ED! It felt like a MARATHON…then 20 more minutes of drills after that. I am BEAT! Believe me though when i say all your kind words of support and prayers are helping to push me through..God well!!! ( p.s. Im not cutting off the RIDDLE HOSPITAL wrist bands till Im back at work!! ) HOLLA!

June 3, 2012:

ukee therapy 3 BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

BABY STEPS!! Hey Family! Hope ur wkd is going well..4-5 hrs after surgery the medical staff had me up..and in a chair.. the next day i started this,,2 a day therapy sessions!! The PT crew along with everyone else at RIDDLE are just amazing! Thank u all for your thoughts and prayers…Ill continue to pace myself and keep u posted…feeling a tad achey right now which is my cue to watch the PGA GOLF on CBS3!!! :) Dont forget EWN this Morning, Talk Philly at noon eastern and the rest of my colleagues all day long on CBS3! HOLLA!

June 1, 2012:

ukee hospital BLOG: Ukees Hip Trip

I ALWAYS WATCH EWN this AM! Especially now!! Hey Family! Ive been on the D.L. recently..Disabled list, Down Low..what ever ya wanna call it! LOL..All the years of basketball, hurdling, golf,,and just “years” in general ( ok ok ) has taken its toll and i wore the ole’ hip joint down,,so..I got a new one!!!! Big thanks to DR. PETE SHARKEY with the ROTHMAN GROUP…and the excellent people of medicine at RIDDLE MEMORIAL HOSPITOL…they are first class when it comes to ALL thier patients and care! Ill be down for the cout for a bit but ill keep u posted on my progress!!! Ill c ya when i see ya! Be well,, Be Blessed! Holla when u get a chance!

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