By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – President Obama is hitting the road next week for his first bus tour of the campaign season. It’s a unclear if he’ll stop in Philadelphia during the two-day trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The President raised millions of dollars at fundraisers in Philadelphia earlier this month, but a spokesman for Obama Campaign headquarters would not say whether the bus tour make the stop next week.

Instead, it’s more likely that the President will focus on other parts of the Commonwealth. Former political strategist Larry Ceisler of Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy says the City of Brotherly Love will still get lots of attention.

“Just because the President might not come to Philadelphia on every trip to Pennsylvania doesn’t mean that Philadelphia isn’t foremost in his thoughts.”

Mr. Obama added 38 electoral votes to his column in 2008, with wins in Pennsylvania and Ohio. But former Governor Ed Rendell says the President has a lot of work ahead since Republican Mitt Romney expected to making a strong run in the Commonwealth.

“He’s not a lock in Pennsylvania, a lot of things could happen. The latest poll had him six points up and that’s not a very big lead for four months before the election.”

The bus tour is expected to kick off on July 5th.

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