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By Mike Denardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Doctors will get together Monday to share ideas on how to get people to drink less soda and other sugary drinks.

The symposium, which will be held at Einstein Medical Center, is entitled “Rethink Your Drink.”

Einstein’s associate cardiology chair Dr. Vincent Figueredo says the aim is to help health professionals communicate to their patients just how many calories are in sodas and fruit drinks.

“We’re inviting clinicians and community health leaders to review the science that shows the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages, the increase in obesity in this country, and the negative impact on chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular health.”

Figueredo says Philadelphia is the poster child for obesity.

A city health department report two years ago said 64-percent of adults and 57-percent of children were overweight.

The forum is co-hosted by the American Heart Association.

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