Parents Asked To Pony Up Tuition Early To Save Catholic School

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By David Madden

ATCO, N.J. (CBS) - Leaders at a South Jersey Catholic school have informed parents they’ll have to pony up a portion of next year’s tuition a month early or the school will shut down for good.

Attendance is actually up a little at Assumption School in Atco. They’re expecting 165 students come September, but the parents of at least 155 of them will have fork over 10% of their tuition not in August, as usual, but in July. Peter Feuerherd is a spokesman for the Diocese of Camden.

“The parents are being offered the challenge to step up to the plate and if they really want the school to remain open, it will remain open.”

Many parents are balking at the fact they were informed of this requirement two weeks ago. They’ll also be expected to help raise more donations to the school from other sources, should operations continue.

If not, it’s expected the diocese would provide some financial assistance in helping students attend another Catholic school.